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Fly Fishing Kayaks

Fly fishing is a unique activity to be practiced while in a kayak and is not favoured by many kayakers. Fly fishing from a kayak is not very easy and requires great control and experience. However, once paddlers can master this art, fly fishing from a kayak can be a very exciting and equally fun filled activity.

Fly Fishing Using a Kayak

Usually the amateur kayakers do not indulge in fly fishing from a kayak because they do not have the skill to balance the kayak while fishing. Kayaks are mainly used for fly fishing only on such lakes and ponds where no other watercraft can be used. Kayaks are very comfortable, fast, can save a lot of energy and allow exploring remote fishing areas.

Yet another advantage of fly fishing from a kayak is it does not make any noise. In the absence of any noisy propeller or flippers, paddlers can silently approach the fish and get a good catch. The greatest advantage of a kayak for fly fishing is that paddlers can reach those areas where no other fisherman can venture.

Kayaks for Fly Fishing

Often, many fly fishing enthusiasts keen on using a kayak are perplexed about the most efficient type of kayak for fly fishing. The most preferred kayak for fly fishing is a flatwater kayak that is as short as possible. A kayak about 9 feet in length is a great kayak that can provide a great kayaking as well as a fly fishing experience.

A smaller kayak is easier to control and balance while fly fishing. Kayakers must bear in mind that smaller flatwater kayaks have limited tracking capabilities and do not go very fast as well. However, they are perfect for those who do not plan to venture very far (beyond 3 miles). These kayaks are easy to maneuver as compared to larger flatwater kayaks, which is a key factor in fly fishing.

Fly fishing kayaks must be great at maneuverability at a reasonable speed so that kayakers can explore the most secluded weeds, shallow waterways, bulrushes and tules.

The fishing fraternity is divided over the topic of using a sit-in or sit on top kayaks for fly fishing. Traditionally, paddlers interested in fly fishing used the usual sit-in kayaks only. However, off late many use the new sit on top kayaks as they provide greater stability and are closer to the water surface. Many paddlers also like to use special angler kayaks that are equipped with fishing accessories for fly fishing.

Few Tips for Fly Fishing From Kayaks

Fly fishing from a kayak is not an easy task and there are several tips that can help paddlers in this venture:

1. Paddlers keen on fly fishing on flatwater must not venture out in their kayaks if the wind conditions are too strong. During strong gusts of wind, the kayak would move very fast and it would be very difficult to continue fishing.

2. Paddlers must always maintain a position wherein they cast straight ahead of the kayak while fly fishing.

3. It is always a great addition if paddlers can manage a few strokes while holding the fly fishing rod.

4. It is recommended that beginners complete at least a basic course in kayaking before venturing into fly fishing from a kayak.

5. It is important that kayakers are oriented with the location to have a great fishing session.

These are some of the basic features of fly fishing from a kayak. It is very important that kayakers bear these points in mind before venturing into fly fishing.

Marc Fredmen
As a kayaking expert and author, Marc Fredmen regularly provides tips on various aspects of kayaking. Paddlers can learn more about kayak fishing here.

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