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Cleaning Catfish After The Catch

Cleaning Catfish After The Catch

Author: Daniel Eggertsen

Catfish fishing can be fun, exciting and even a little adventurous, which explains why it is such a popular sport. Fishermen love the challenge and excitement that catfish fishing has to offer. This species put up an incredible fight and they can grow to some amazing sizes. However, that is not the only reason they are so popular.

The main reason why anglers go catfish fishing is because of their excellent taste. Catfish is described as being one of the best tasting fish there is. The sweet white meat of the catfish is simply delicious and nothing else can match it. If you have never tasted catfish you should give it a try but keep this in mind, it is possible to be hooked on the taste forever.

Before you can enjoy the great taste of catfish there are a few things that you must do. First of all, you have to locate the fish. Then you must entice them to take your bait, set the hook and reel them in. Once you have tackled these tasks and get home with the catfish the next step is the cleaning. This is one of the most important steps you will encounter and it has to be done before you can enjoy your catch.

How to Clean Catfish

The following guide will help you learn the easiest and best way to clean catfish so you can sit back and enjoy the rewards of all your hard work. The first thing that you need to know is that the catfish is really not as hard to clean as it looks. They can be pretty intimidating when you first look at them but if you take the time to learn the proper steps you will find that it's not as bad as you might think.

Cleaning catfish is a lot different than any other species of fish. For one thing, they don't have any scales but you will notice that their skin is very tough. There are several different tools that you need to have ready before you can start cleaning the catfish.

Here is a list of the things you will need:

Sharp Fillet Knife
Butcher Knife
Long Natural Wood Flat Board
Hammer and Nail
Strong Pliers
Garbage Can

They do make catfish skinning pliers that would be a good investment because it makes cleaning a lot easier than trying to use regular pliers. The size of the flat board will be determined by the average size catfish you normally catch. Both of these can be found in sporting good stores.

Once you have all the tools needed its time to get started. Begin by hammering the nail all the way through the flat board from the backside. Next, attach the catfish to the board by driving the head of the fish into the nail. Have the head turned upward when doing this. The board can be nailed to a table to make it more secure if it begins slipping as you are working. Once the fish and board is secure you need to start cutting through the skin of the catfish right behind the gills. Now gut the fish carefully without cutting any of the internal organs.

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