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Fly Fishing for Brim, Blue Gill and Sunfish

When the weather is warm in the early summer and you can't seem to catch big fish I love to go fly fishing for bedding Brim, Blue Gill and other species of sunfish. My rod of choice is a six and a half foot, two weight light fly rod.

Thought Brim and Blue Gill are relatively small fish, they are tough fighting fish for their size. Remember that it is not the size of the fish that matters; it is the size of the rod you are using that can make a one pound fish feel like big fish.

Brim and Blue Gill when bedding will attack just about anything with a little color that invades their bedding area. Small popping bugs with either some red or yellow will work well. Brim and Blue Gill will take these off the top of the water about as fast as you can put it over the beds.

Sunfish Fishing - Where And How To Catch The Biggest Ones

When fishing for sunfish, often times one will only catch small sunfish, and it gets a bit frustrating, especially if you want to keep some to cook. You many think to yourself, "Are there any larger sunfish in this place". Well, maybe there aren't. A lot of times, people fish for sunfish in smaller bodies of water that don't have a good predator base, and as a result fish over populate and stunt each others growth.So how do you find out if the place you're fishing has any larger sunfish? One of the best ways to prospect for bigger sunfish is to move away from live bait. More specifically, get away from worms and meal worms.

Canada Fishing Trips

Canada is a favorite spot to explore the wonders of fishing. Canada fishing trips assure a fly-fishing enthusiast tremendous fishing opportunities that are structured to take fun-filled, exciting adventure. And not only are there placid and beautiful lakes and rivers for fly-fishing, but also for any kind of fishing you care to enjoy. The options are endless.

Though Canada is rich in bodies of water, finding the one best suited for your individual taste is important before arranging a fishing trip. Weather is a major factor, and you will need a detailed map, first aid kit and all the necessary fishing equipments.

To have a clear idea about the best season for fishing is the next important consideration. Sturgeon fishing season is year round, whereas salmon, trout and Varden fishing are in season according to the area. Other species also have their peak seasons; inquire with the locals.

Columbia River Fishing Trips - Your Chance To Get Some Fine Trophies

Columbia river fishing trips offer the seasoned as well as the experienced angler the very best fishing experiences they can get any where in the fishing world. There is something to lading a fierce wrestling Steelhead or reeling in that sixty pound Sturgeon that measures close to five feet long. The sheer delight of landing the American Shad is just out of this world, and you can get all this and more on your Columbia river fishing expedition.

The rivers of Columbia are untouched by humans and twist and curve through twelve hundred miles from America's Pacific Northwest and wind their way through the country to flow into the Pacific Ocean, the Columbia River been featured in many documentaries and Hollywood productions through the ages. Such is the attraction of this river that thousands of anglers visit the river every month to try their luck at luring and hooking the giant fish the river is home to.

Live Bait - Best Walleye Baits to Tip Your Sauger Jig With Details Here!

here is no other artificial bait that works better to catch walleye then the walleye fishing jig. There are multiple ways to tip walleye jigs with live bait. We will talk about some of the best live baits to use in combination with walleye jigs in our article today. Walleye jigs are so universal because they can be fished so many different ways. You can cast your walleye jigs tipped with live bait or without from a anchored or drifting boat. You can jig vertically while drifting with the wind or current, or troll very slowly, bouncing your walleye jig tipped with live bait off the bottom.

What's a Sauger?

Some, perhaps many, anglers are not familiar with the Sauger. It is a walleye relative, and is also called a sand pike or pickerel. It has a slender body with a long cone-shaped head. The Sauger prefers water with little movement - a big slow moving lake or river suits it best. Even though it is related to the walleye, you can readily tell the difference. Walleyes have smooth cheeks. Sauger have rough scales on their cheeks.

Some like to catch Sauger in gill nets. Others like to treat the Sauger as a sport fish. They measure 10 to 15 inches and usually weigh about half a pound, although they can reach two pounds. Even though they are not large, they are tasty and make good eating. When commercially fished, they are mostly sold as fillets.

Ketchikan Alaska Fishing - Guide to Salmon Fishing Trip

Among whole of Alaska fishing spots and places in Alaska, Ketchikan Alaska fishing is the different one. You do not have to fish far away from the shore to catch salmon, trout or even halibut. At Ketchikan, which is also famous as the Alaska salmon city, you can found five different types of salmon, which are Chinook, Coho, Red, Pink, and Chum.

Ketchikan Alaska Salmon Fishing

Alaskan salmon pass through Ketchikan surround waters area every year in large number on their way to spawning grounds. Moreover, makes Ketchikan unique because as a reproductive center for salmon, which the fertilization process of salmon begins, bring the anglers the major opportunities to catch this stream bound fish.

Pink Salmon are the easiest to catch and the most abundant from all type of pacific salmon, since pink did not put much of fight as the king salmon, which can take you a bit of time.

Salmon Fishing Lures

There are several ways to catch the kind of salmon you target. Some would use different fishing methods, while others would use fishing lures. As what all salmon fishing enthusiasts know, a lure is placed on the very end of the fishing line. But, what most of them did not know is that, improper placement of a lure could result to an unsatisfying day or worse no catch at all. Salmon fishing lures are supposed to be tightly connected to the end of the fishing line in order that it will not fall off from the fishing line when thrown into the waters. It may sound so simple and obvious, but still there are people who tend to neglect it, especially the beginners.

Pickerel Fishing - Learn The Facts That Can Help You Catch The Trophies

There are many different types of fish which fishermen exclusively target in their fishing endeavors. Some fishermen have a few different favorites that they look for while on the body of water, whereas others have one distinct fish that they hope to catch each time they reel in their lines.

One such fish which is a bit unique but draws a large fan base is the chain pickerel. The chain pickerel is an Atlantic coast freshwater fish which is found in a variety of bodies of water such as streams, lakes, ponds and rivers. There are many interesting factors surrounding the chain pickerel and by learning more about this fish, fishermen may make it that much more likely that one of these beauties will be on the end of their line.

Tactics For Trophy Chain Pickerel

Chain Pickerel,(Esox Niger), are a formidable gamefish, that are actively pursued by some, and despised by others!

Chain Pickerel can be found throughout the Northeast, and down to Florida. In some areas, these are prized as trophies that deserve the same respect as a big largemouth bass, in other areas, such as in Florida, many anglers consider them nothing more than a nuisance.

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