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Speckled Trout Fishing - Some Facts And Tips

Speckled Trout Fishing - Some Facts And Tips

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

originally from North Carolina and other near states. However, speckled trout can also be found all over the country. They are often found in north where there are high mountains because they live mainly in cold waters. Speckled trout are easily recognized by its bright color and the black and white colored lower fins. Nowadays, catching a speckled trout with length of over twelve inches are difficult. This is because most of the speckled trout today have a minimum average length of 8 inches.

If you want to get more information on how to be successful in catching speckled fish, here are some tips and information:

1. Bigger fishes are usually caught during late nights.
2. Bigger structures are needed for bigger fishes. You may find them near sandbars, oyster beds, depressions, etc…
3. Areas where you can often find big trout are underneath the bridges and docks or fallen trees and docked boats.
4. If they will see you, they will most probably get scared and go away, so you should recognize them first before they spot you.
5. Boats would scare the speckled trout off, so it is advisable to catch them while wading.
6. Bigger baits are required for bigger trout.
7. Shrimps are good live baits for catching large trout because they are able to stay alive in long periods even while in hooks.

Basic fishing techniques are still important, so always put that in mind. Proper knot tying in your line and hooks are also important. Also make sure that you know the right bait, rod and reel to choose. Even the best fishing time and place is important to know. Finally, be sure that you are aware of the rules and regulations in the area if you are fishing in a regulated zone, and of course, be sure that you are properly following them.
These great tips will help you do better in fishing trout not only for speckled trout but also with other species.

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